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Day 1
28 Sep 2017



Networking Breakfast

Start your day off right with a la carte breakfast.

Opening Remarks

Sally Catto
Nina Pikula
Amber Mac

OPENING KEYNOTE: Publish or Perish: Brands & Creators As The New Storytelling Frontiers

Emmy Award-Winning Producer and influential brand storyteller David Beebe will be addressing the rapidly changing media landscape where Hollywood storytelling and brand marketing intersect and where brands and creators are becoming the new storytellers.
David Beebe

Predictive Analytics: Identifying Trends & Creators to Tell Your Story

When it comes to developing authentic stories that will resonate with an audience, sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Many brands, media companies and creators are turning to predictive analytics technology to point them in the right direction for their next successful campaign, video and partnership. ivvi’s Taylor Klick will provide predictive insights using a three-step formula that can help you spot trends before they happen and aid you in choosing the right messenger to tell your story.
Taylor Klick

Risk, Resonance, Reward: Strengthening Your Voice Through Storytelling

It’s all about storytelling. In a time where we don’t necessarily care about how we consume the content (over TV, laptop, mobile etc) one thing is certain, we desire a connection to a story, and the journey that it takes us on.  In this session we will look at the creative minds behind some of the best and most beloved brand stories out there. We will explore the creative dance between publisher, agency and brand, and how everyday insights help...
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Mike McShane
Whitney Bell
Alexandre Gravel
Alexis Bronstorph


Join one of Buffer Festival’s Featured Creators for an intimate conversation about the balance between creative freedom and industry business standards.
Stevie Boebi


We challenge you to put down your laptop and phone and introduce yourself to someone whom you’ve never met. You never know when the next best collaboration is around the corner.

CREATOR INSIGHTS: Audience Amplification: How to Go From Really Small to REALLY Big

Growing your audience isn’t just about racking up subscribers or creating clickbait hits; it’s about crafting genuine content and fostering meaningful engagement that keeps viewers invested in your channel. It’s also about understanding audience behaviour and how your content is plays in the YouTube algorithm. Whether you’re a new content creator, or an established brand breaking into the platform, find out how to consistently build, engage and create powerful relationships with your audience.
Essa Bowser

Brands Engaging Audiences: Finding the Balance Between Selling and Storytelling

With content marketing at an all time high, progressive brands are leveraging YouTube for more than just advertising purposes.  Whether it’s to inspire or entertain an audience, these brands are creating meaningful and emotional connections with thousands of consumers through entertaining content.  However, for brands to exist, they need to generate sales. This panel will explore how brands have found creative ways to tell a product story and educate consumers about new products and promotions beyond advertising. Top brands will...
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Andrea Dil
Ryan McFerrin
Heather Loosemore
Gabe Gordon

Audience Engagement: Driving Content Back & Forth On Social Media

Tailoring content to be authentic and understanding which topics resonate with audiences on various social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram) is the key to supporting your storytelling initiatives on YouTube. SYLO’s Erick Schwab, walks us through best practices on how to engage your audience on different platforms and drive traffic back to your YouTube channel.
Erick Schwab


Enjoy a catered lunch while meeting potential partners.

Neuromarketing: Insights Into Brand & Creator Partnerships Through Facial Coding

Facial coding has become a darling in the world of consumer marketing. While some brands are using this to directly research consumer emotions and responses to products, new studies suggest that facial coding may also be incredibly insightful when brands choose to integrate their products into influencer videos.’s Teresa Cantwell shares new findings on how facial coding of brand integrated influencer videos alters the way in which consumers react to products and how this powerful tool can help gain...
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Claire Preble

Collaboration and Common Ground: Finding the Right Partner In A complex Ecosystem

A great creator partnership can lead to some of the most authentic and powerful content. Whether you’re an MCN, influencer agency or publisher you may have a different take on working with a  creator than your peers or competitors. Hear from top creator representatives in what they look for when working with creators and what standards play in selecting the right partner.
Chris Harris
Abby Ho
Rick Matthews
Jordan Bortolotti
Damon Berger

CREATOR INSIGHTS: What Creators Wish Industry Knew

If you’re a brand or media company,  chances are you want more insight into supporting and working with top creators. This 30 minute talk will highlight five of YouTube Creators as they give us perspective on what creators need from industry partners.
Rachel David
Adande Thorne (Swoozie)
Dodie Clark
Sarah Dietschy
Andrew Gunadie


We challenge you to put down your laptops and phones and introduce yourself to someone whom you’ve never met. You never know when the next best collaboration is around the corner.

If A Video Is Uploaded to YouTube, And No One’s There To See It…..

When it comes to distribution all is fair game. Whether your marketing strategies include leveraging creator influence or media buys, chances are you’re spending a lot of money on making sure your story gets found. But what if your marketing budget is not as high as that of your competitors; do you still have a fair shot at playing in the big leagues? In this discussion we will look at the different strategies brands and companies use to market their...
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Kaaren Whitney-Vernon
Tiffany Heimpel
Sean Stanleigh
Meredith Jacobson

Producing & Buying Content for a Ready Made Audience

Big production companies and broadcasters are investing in and developing content with top YouTube creators to leverage their built in audiences. Top industry executives will address how these new initiatives transition into more traditional distribution methods.  
Nneka Elliott
Bryan Terry
George Woolley

CLOSING KEYNOTE: When Worlds Collide: Fireside Chat with Dana Brunetti

With the highly successful partnership between Dana Brunetti and Jameson Whiskey, the Jameson First Shot initiative encourages writers and directors to create short films starring some of the most critically-acclaimed actors, all on YouTube’s platform. Two-time Academy Award nominee and Executive Producer of House of Cards, Dana Brunetti, sits down with Amber Mac to discuss the merging worlds of film, content marketing and YouTube.
Dana Brunetti
Amber Mac


Join us for cocktails as we celebrate the end of a successful day!