David Beebe

Branded Content Producer; Founder, Content Decoded

David Beebe

Branded Content Producer; Founder, Content Decoded
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Declared by AdWeek as a “Branded Content Master Who Makes it OK to Love Marketing,” David Beebe is one of the entertainment and marketing industries most influential producers, content marketers, and sought after advisors and speakers about content marketing and brand storytelling. Beebe is one of Ad Age’s 2017 “40 under 40 Forward Thinkers in Marketing,” and one of AdWeek’s 2016 “100 Top Creatives in Marketing.” Beebe’s creative work has received two Emmy Awards. In 2011, the Academy of Television Arts &
Sciences recognized Beebe for Executive Producing the Emmy Award-winning 83rd Oscars Digital Experience, and in 2008, for Producing the Emmy Award-winning Full Episode Player for ABC.com.

Beebe’s work ethic, hustle, and grind were developed as a kid growing up on his family’s small rural farm in
Washington State, where, at the age of 14, his first job was waking up at 4 am every morning and changing
irrigation pipes in the wheat and alfalfa fields. Driven by a constant sense of curiosity, Beebe decided to leave the family farm after high school and discover the world. He was accepted into the United States Coast Guard, the smallest branch of the US Military, where he held a top-secret clearance and proudly served as a Communications Specialist for search and rescue and law enforcement operations.
Beebe quickly translated his military training and marketed his skills to the entertainment and media industries.

Starting his career at DirecTV, he worked his way up over seven years from a media coordinator, to copywriter, and eventually on-air producer. He then went on to produce DVD Bonus Features for Showtime’s hit series “Queer as Folk” for several seasons.

Following his passion for creative and content, Beebe was recruited by Disney/ABC Television Group to start their first ever digital content studio. He built out the team to over 80 creatives responsible for developing, producing, and distributing branded content and original derivative webisodes for “Ugly Betty,” “LOST,” “Scrubs,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Cougar Town,” live digital shows for the Oscars, Emmy’s, and CMA’s, and other primetime programming. Beebe then partnered with Vin Di Bona, the creator of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” where he developed and produced original digital programming including “Ultimate Surprises,” “Ultimate Proposal” and “Stunt Nation” for Yahoo.

Beebe then started his own production company, where he partnered with Phil Rosenthal, creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and developed and executive produced “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” for PBS and Netflix and “Naked Lunch” for Fandango.

Realizing that brands needed to change the way they marketed and the power of storytelling, Beebe was
recruited by Marriott, where he founded and led the Marriott Content Studio, M Live, their real time social media brand newsrooms, and Marriott Traveler, a destination marketing digital platform. While at Marriott, Beebe led a team of over 100 creatives responsible for the development, production, and distribution of content marketing that won the hearts, minds, and wallets of next generation travelers, and ultimately showed the power of storytelling and how it can create sales, change marketing from a cost center into a revenue center, and put heads in beds. In just three years, Beebe partnered with the creative community to develop and produce short films including the “Two Bellmen” franchise, “French Kiss,” and “Business Unusual.” In addition, Beebe produced several webseries including “As the Fire Pit Burns,” with Niecy Nash and travel content with entrepreneur and TV host Bill Rancic, Frieda Pinto, and YouTube creators including Jack Harries, Taryn Southern, Sam Tsui, Casey Neistat, and others.

Today, Beebe is CEO of Beebe Content & Co, an entertainment and marketing company sitting at the
intersection of Hollywood Storytelling and Brand Marketing, with ventures in music, film, television, tech, and
philanthropy. Beebe Content & Co works with brands, agencies, and talent to develop content strategies,
produce content, and build content studios, brand newsrooms, and digital brands that win the hearts, minds, and wallets of next-gen consumers.

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